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Celebration for the success of Dubai exhibition

Number of visits: Date:2017-12-13

On the 26th, Nov of 2017, Dubai BIG 5 exhibition starts in the international trade exhibition Center. This exhibition covers 5 industries: building materials, cleaning & maintain device, Stone and stone device, electric & Houseware, Hardware & Gardeb fittings.  Big 5 exhibition is the most affective and biggest exhibiton of buildings, building material and service. At present, the hot and continuous Middle-east market has absorb the global attraction.

Shijiazhuang Huajie Wood Industry Co., Ltd take part in this exhibition in Saeed Arena Hall during 26th to 29th, Nov. the exhibition staff includes the General market manager Daniel Peng, Market director Victor Zhu, international Dept manager Linda Xu and Smart Home Dept manager Sarah Peng. We have picked up many customers from Europe, Middle Asia, North Africa, West Africa, East Africa and Middle East...etc. At present, we have established a preliminary cooperation with clilents from Kuwait, Dubai, Egypt, Qatar, Iran...etc. 

On the 28th, Nov, our marketing manager and marketing Director visited the Chinese building material storage. Here we have found the proper products for intering into this market. And we have entered into cooperation with this these partners. When we go back home, we will discuss the detailed cooperation details and carry out this business.

On the 29th, Nov, Dubai BIG 5 finished successfully.

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